Data from Google’s March Core Update

I tracked the traffic data for 16,573 sites during the rollout of Google’s March Core Update (which concluded on April 19th).

All tracked websites are monetized with Mediavine or Raptive ads.

Traffic data is from Ahrefs, and is only an estimate.

Here are my findings:

Data for all tracked websites:

Total Number of Sites16,573
Total Traffic March 5th1,155,303,646
Total Traffic April 19th960,965,873
Total Traffic Loss194,337,773
Avg. Loss per Site11,726
Avg. % Loss per Site17%

Data for all tracked websites with less than 10,000 monthly visitors:

Total Number of Sites11,593
Total Traffic March 5th68,318,157
Total Traffic April 19th24,757,805
Total Traffic Loss43,560,352
Avg. Loss per Site3,757
Avg. % Loss per Site64%

Data for all tracked websites with traffic between 10,000/mo and 50,000/mo:

Total Number of Sites3,211
Total Traffic March 5th106,523,326
Total Traffic April 19th74,594,898
Total Traffic Loss31,928,428
Avg. Loss per Site9,943
Avg. % Loss per Site30%

Data for all tracked websites with traffic between 50,000/mo and 1,000,000/mo:

Total Number of Sites1,645
Total Traffic March 5th377,098,219
Total Traffic April 19th309,732,863
Total Traffic Loss67,365,356
Avg. Loss per Site40,952
Avg. % Loss per Site18%

Data for all tracked websites with over 1,000,000 monthly visitors:

Total Number of Sites124
Total Traffic March 5th603,363,944
Total Traffic April 19th551,880,307
Total Traffic Loss51,483,637
Avg. Loss per Site415,191
Avg. % Loss per Site9%

27% of all tracked sites saw traffic increases (greater than 0%), which leaves 73% with traffic losses.

Here are the raw numbers:

Total Tracked Websites16,573
Websites with Traffic Increases4,483 (27.05% of total)
Websites with Traffic Decreases12,090 (72.95% of total)

The complete data set is available to members of Website Growth Mastermind.

Please note: Site Stats Database does not yet include post-March Core Update traffic data.

If you have any questions, you can reach me on Twitter/X or leave a reply below.

– Ian, founder of Site Stats Database


  1. This is so interesting. One of my site had approximately 5K visitors before the update and saw an 80% drop in traffic. I suppose even within each bracket there is some linear effect.

    1. Yeah, the sites with less traffic lost a higher percentage on average. I just checked the data for sites under 5,000 monthly visitors. The average traffic loss was 74%, so your site is within that range.

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