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SiteStatsDB is helping me to see what's actually working in the niche site landscape and discover what's ripe pickings for my next niche site project.

View all sites (that receive at least 100 organic visits per month) monetized by:

Adnimation | AdPushup | AdSense | Amazon Associates | Awin | BuySellAds | Ecommerce (Shopify, Woo, Bigcommerce, etc.) | Ezoic | Freestar | Impact | Infolinks | | Mediavine | MonetizeMore | Monumetric | NeworMedia | Outbrain | Publift | Raptive | ShareASale | SHE Media | Taboola | Other/Unknown

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Est. Traffic Pre-HCU: The estimated number of visitors a website received each month from Google prior to Google’s Helpful Content Update in September 2023.

Est. Traffic Post-HCU: The estimated number of visitors a website receives each month from Google (several months after the September HCU).

Traffic Change: The percent change in traffic pre- and post-HCU.

Total Keywords: The total number of keywords a website ranks for on Google.

DA: The “Domain Authority” of a website. DA is a metric from Moz that measures the relative authority of a website on a scale of 1 to 100. The higher the DA, the more authoritative the site, and therefore the more likely it can rank for more difficult keywords.

Total Backlinks: The total number of links to a website from other websites. In general, more backlinks can help a website rank higher for keywords, although it depends on the quality of the links (among other factors).

Date Registered: The date a domain was registered. This tells you how old the website is.

Performance Score: A score that takes into account traffic, DA, and date registered. Websites with a higher score are outliers that perform exceptionally well compared to other sites. High traffic, low DA, and more recent domain registration all positively influence the score.

Monetization: This is the method by which a website is monetized. Some sites in the database are monetized by ads, some through affiliate marketing, and some through ecommerce.

Language: The primary detected language of a website, denoted by an ISO 639-1 language code (“en” for English, “es” for Spanish, etc.)

Niche: The niche (or niches) a site operates in based on the topic(s) the site covers.

Most of the data is estimated using a variety of tools. Without direct access to each site’s analytics, it is impossible to provide 100% accurate data. This is true for any tool that shows website metrics.

Date Registered is always accurate because it comes from the WHOIS database.

Of course! The lifetime deal gives you full LIFETIME access to the database and all future updates.

No, sorry. This is an intangible, digital product that can’t be returned like a physical product.

There are a few similar website databases out there, most notably Niche Site Metrics and Niche Finder.

This database is similar to those, but includes more websites, and has better sorting and filtering options.

There are thousands of websites included in this database that are not included in other databases.

If your question wasn’t answered here, feel free to email me at hello [at] or DM me on Twitter/X.

Who’s behind this?

ian headshotHello! I’m Ian (@keywordian on X/Twitter).

I started building websites back in 2014. I’ve built dozens of sites over the years. Most were failures, but a few did quite well.

I built Site Stats Database to help with niche and competitor discovery, research, and analysis. I wanted a tool that showed a vast number of websites that you could sort by metrics like traffic, domain authority, and age. This is that tool. If you have any questions or suggestions, send me a DM on X/Twitter!